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If winning isn’t everything,
why do they keep score?

I help grow teams and deliver results. My dynamic marketing skillset and finance background give you a powerful combination for success.

Daily activities can make changing your momentum, a daunting task.
Is it time to step back, huddle up, and break into a new pattern for winning?

  • Do you or your organization feel stuck in long outgrown positions with unsure next steps?
  • Are your strategies and pitch presentations on unsure footing?
  • Is it time to create new energy that drives better earning power?
  • Do you need a thought partner more than a cheerleader? 

Hi, I’m Nicole.
I’m a sales coach, strategy consultant and fractional VP of sales for the promotional products industry. After a great run as a distributor salesperson — personally selling over $50 million during a 20-year span — I now follow my passion by helping others find their own success in the promotional spend category.

Coaching & Leading
Brokering & Consulting

Let’s get together. I’m great in front of a crowd! You should have seen me strut my stuff as Smokey, the famous mascot of the University of Tennessee. — Rocky Top. Woo!

Generating New Ideas.
Developing a process.

The consultant with no personal agenda, Nicole doesn’t overcomplicate things.  

Years Experience

FORTUNE 500 Clients

cups of coffee

Why Nicole? 

From year one as a promotional sales professional, Nicole was consistently in the top 1% of the industry sales performers. She spent the last 8 years of her journey in sales as Managing Director of Global Accounts at one of the largest promotional products distributors in the industry, working alongside global, Fortune 500 companies.

She has an MBA from the University of Memphis as well as the Seth Godin AltMba. Her undergraduate time was spent at the University of Tennessee. When she was not busy being “Smokey” the school mascot, she majored in both Marketing and Finance resulting in a dual degree. Her first career path was in healthcare consulting which ultimately led to a position as controller at a healthcare system.

So really the question is, why not?

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

Let’s start today!

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