In the world of email marketing, there are obviously many do’s and don’ts to consider to craft the perfect message.  I don’t claim to be an email marketer … Is it all about the open rate?  Maybe in this case, it is.   One distributor recently caught my attention and I have to ask: Is cursing ever appropriate in email marketing?

Kudos to the distributor who sent this message for a couple of reasons:

  1.  They targeted the decision maker (we all know these can be hard to find).
  2.  They actually sent out an email (well, it is the first step towards engaging potential clients and nurturing leads).
  3.  Their email featured links to the website and had clear calls to action.

Where did they go wrong?

  1. This particular email was sent to a cancer clinic, which raises concerns.   Consider the sensitivity of the audience and the context in which your message will be received.
  2. The decision maker in this case was an older individual with more traditional buying habits.  Using profanity, even casually, is unlikely to do anything but shock and awe (and, in this instance, prompt a forwarding of the email).

So what is my “hot take”?   Swearing in itself is generally considered offensive, both in and out of the workplace.  Emily Post, the renowned etiquette expert, would likely agree that profanity has no place in professional communication,  especially when the goal is to gain clients.