As the year ends and you are enjoying the success of a strong year and busy holiday order season, it’s best to start planning now for when your sales are back at zero in January.   I get it, it’s hard to be proactive when orders and opportunities keep coming in these last few weeks; however, if you want to avoid that pit in your stomach the first few weeks of January, you have to be proactive.

Make it a goal to avoid the roller coaster that is your pipeline.   What can you do differently this time to avoid that pitfall in the new year?

  1. Prospect for new accounts before the year-end buzz fades:

With the holiday season in full swing, take advantage of the positive atmosphere and engage with potential clients.  Even though they may be busy working on planning for the upcoming year, they are also looking forward to their upcoming vacations and time with family.  Prospects are generally in a good mood and will say YES to that LinkedIn connection request or appointment.  Don’t wait until January; act today!   Pick up the phone, send a dozen emails, and dive into LinkedIn to lay the groundwork for a strong 1st quarter.

  1. Check in with your customer:

Coordinate with established accounts for Year End Reviews the first few weeks of January.  It is a great time to go ahead and get on their calendar for the new year, be top of mind early, and review what worked/didn’t work in 2023.

  1. Channel that slow time:

Traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, and a couple of days around Christmas are going to be slow.  Clients will not be calling you placing rush orders.  Instead of nursing the hangover, plan to have a clear head day.   Sit down and think about all the opportunities you lost in 2023.  Why?   What could you have done differently?  Would that opportunity present itself in 2024?   Go ahead and write those follow up emails with a scheduled send the first week of January.

Your future success depends on the action steps you take today.   If you start a habit to prospect when you’re swamped, you will never have a roller coaster quarter again!