Is this you?

After an awesome holiday break, you kicked off January with ambitious goals.  Perhaps you went to PPAI Vegas or ASI Orlando to see the latest products and participated in motivational team meetings.  Your company has armed you with the newest sales and communication tools to help you succeed.   In January you likely met with numerous vendors, all supporting you in the new year with free samples and storyboards.   It seemed like this year would be exceptional, record-breaking even!

Then February arrived, and you realized you hadn’t achieved your January goals.   What happened?   Was it because of taking a week off at PPAI?  What is going to happen in February?  Are you already giving up on your goals for the new year just because January didn’t pan out as expected?

We’re combating complacency.   Orders are trickling in, and the status quo resumes.   If we continue with the approach from last year, inevitably we will see the same results.   It is fine if you’re content with your salary and current state, but then why set lofty goals in the first place?

Let’s tackle complacency head-on:

  1. Find an accountability partner. It may seem obvious given my profession, but it could be anyone – a coworker, VP, spouse, or industry friend.   Schedule regular meetings every two weeks until you break out of this funk.
  2. Set reward thresholds for yourself. Do you yearn for a weekend getaway or covet those new Gucci slides or the Ping G430 driver?   If you make a certain number of calls, scheduled appointments, and mailings – including handwritten notes and samples – over a 60 day period, reward yourself!
  3. Asses your client list. Are your clients no longer inspiring?   Are the buyers you are working with unable to move the needle?  Perhaps it is time for a client refresh!
  4. Evaluate your product offering. What products do you genuinely enjoy selling?  Personally, I’m currently passionate about anything from Numo Manufacturing and Tekweld’s new “Influencer Box.”   Find that one item or that new line that you love and sell it repeatedly.  Your enthusiasm for that product will shine through.
  5. Examine the company you work for. Are there individuals who energize you?   Align yourself with them.   Are there people who are Debbie downer’s or have the toxic “meeting after the meeting” conversations?   Encourage positivity and express your desire to avoid the negative conversations.

When all else fails, spend time with a friend who has a puppy.