This weekend was a significant weekend for my family, as my son Miles competed in a Junior Golf Nationals competition in Orlando, Florida.  He has been working remotely with Dr. Bob Winters, a globally recognized mental toughness coach, who happens to be based in Orlando at the prestigious Leadbetter Golf Academy.

Observing my son during his practice round on the course, Dr. Winters wasted no time in providing a valuable lesson.   As Miles stood ready to use his 7 iron, Dr. Winters asked “Do you feel good about that 7 iron you’re about to use?”  Miles’ hesitation was obvious, and his body language clearly showed a lack of confidence.   Dr. Winters pushed on, “With 170 yards to the hole, is your 7 hitting 170 today?”  Miles nodded yes.

“Well then, approach that ball like you own this choice and you’re going to get it where it needs to go.   Believe in your decisions.”  

Onto the green it landed.

The important reminder moved beyond the golf course and into a conversation with a former colleague.   Our discussion revolved around her sales strategies and the challenge of turning leads into clients.   Much like Miles’ initial uncertainty with the 7 iron, my colleague’s approach in her voicemail messages seemed to lack conviction.   It became clear that to make an impression, she needs to be bold and unapologetically own the conversation.   She needs to share her passion and strategic advantages to doing business with her in a convincing way, but she also needs to be convinced herself!

Just as Miles had to believe in his choice of club to succeed, my colleague needs to believe in herself for her leads to convert.   So, whether you’re standing on the green preparing for a decisive swing or leaving a voicemail hoping to land a client, remember the power of confidence.  Own your choices, be bold, and watch as belief in yourself becomes the reason others believe in you too.